Jo Michell, Do Shadow Banks Create Money?, presented at the FMM Conference, Berlin, October 2016

Jo Michell, Comments on the Juncker’s ‘European Pillar of Social Rights’ and the draft response from the EU Parliament, presented at EU Parliament, October 2016

Jo Michell, Lecture on stock-flow consistent agent-based modelling, given at the Kingston University summer school in  Applied Stock-Flow consistent Macro-modelling, August 2016

Jo Michell, Osborne’s irrational economic policy and a rational alternative. I’ve given this this talk in various forms at a number of different places. This version: June 2016

Jo Michell, Is China the next victim of “financialisation”? IIPPE conference, Leeds, September 2015.

Jo Michell, A Steindlian account of the distribution of corporate profits and leverage, presented at Berlin FMM conference November 2014; EAEPE Conference, Genoa, September 2015.

Jo Michell, Functional distribution of income and the financial crisis, Open University, June 2015.

Jo Michell, The monetary circuit in the shadows, EAA Conference, New York, 28 February 2015

Daniela Gabor, Finance Watch Conference The Long Term Financing agenda  Brussels, February 4, 2015

Jo Michell, Dr Piketty on Wealth and Capital, SOAS Money and Development Seminar, 10 December 2014.

Engelbert Stockhammer and Jo Michell, Pseudo-Goodwin cycles in a Minsky model, presented at SOAS Money and Development Seminar, 20 January, 2014; AHE Conference, Greenwich University, July 3, 2014; FMM Conference, Berlin, 31 October 2014.


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